2001 Renault Megane

Electrical problem
2001 Renault Megane 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 43000 miles

Please could you help me. I have just bought a secondhand car yesterday - drove it 70 miles home no problem. However today the alarm goes off and the engine won't start (obviously the immobiliser works !). Whatever I do with the keyfob the alarm continues to sound. It does stop after a few minutes. I do not know what to do to switch the alarm off. Is an alarm standard on a Renault Megane Coupe - do you know how to turn it off? I just need to use the car tomorrow ideally.

I would be very grateful for your help on this.


Chris Lopez-Smith
February 7, 2010.

The immoboliser needs to be reset by renaults diagnostic computer software. The car is not recognising the keyfob (remote). There is a 4 digit bypass code you can get from a renault dealer by giving them your VIN number.

Dave H
Feb 8, 2010.