2001 Renault Megane

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2001 Renault Megane 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 90000 miles

2001 renault megane 1.4 16v drives perfect but when I come to a stop problems with tick over and the whole engine wobbles its had new plugs injector cleaner new lambar sensor and I tryed one new coil in it and moved it along each of the plugs but no better is it true u cant change just one youvegot to change all four
m myers
March 11, 2009.

You can just change one .. but I recommend changeing all 4 together as the break down in sequence so if you change one .. then 2 days or 2 weeks later you will be changeing another then another etc. do this simple test ... start the vehicle let it sit ticking over .. go under bonnet and unplug the little wiring connector to #1 coil .. the vehicle should stall out (stop running) do this test for all 4 one at a time .. if the car stays running when one of them is unplugged thats the bad one !! hope this helps .. let me know

Dave H
Mar 11, 2009.