1997 Renault Laguna

Electrical problem
1997 Renault Laguna 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 37000 miles

How to I slacken and reset the alternator drive belt.

email update:
There is a 7mm allen screw in the centre of the tensioner which has to be slackened off and a nut to adjust it. I am not sure of the size. I could not get a 22mm ring onto it and a 23mm was too big. A 23mm oe spanner turned it.
January 21, 2009.

On the engine there is a tension pulley. Use a socket and breaker bar to loosen the pulley. Do not take the pulley off but where just take tension off. There should be a diagram under the hood that shows the routuing of the belt. When you put the belt back on you will have to loosen the pulley up again, it is on a internal spring.

Jan 21, 2009.