1998 Renault Clio

Noises problem
1998 Renault Clio Manual 67000 miles

Please please please help, this is my first car and I have just got it for 1 week. So not good.

Please try to explain in simple language as well because I don't know anything about cars!

So, a few days ago when I was driving around the block my bf (who sitting in the car with me) said he heard a high pitch squeaking noice, but apparently it went away soon - I my self didn't even notice any of it!

Then, yesteday, I took the car out on the road. It was fine until when I was half way home, when it started making loud squeaky noise after I just started going from a traffic light. When I sped up and changed to 3rd gear, the noise was gone.

So I got home and parked the car. While I was reversing, noise came back. I then tested it just by going forward and backward (very very low speed). When going forward no noise, when reversing as soon as I release clutch, noise starts. Noise dont go away until the car is completely stopped.

Please help me. What could be wrong with it?
November 12, 2009.

Have th clutch inspected. It may be worn or have oil/fluid leaking onto it !

Dave H
Nov 22, 2009.