1988 Porsche 911

1988 Porsche 911 6 cyl Manual

This morning on my way to work my car hesitated then loss power and stopped. I waited 5 minutes and it started back up. I pressed the gas and noticed a surge of power then a little hesitation but it kept running at idle speed.
I drove the car gingerly to a mechanic shop and they have not been able to give a reason for it stopping.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Gary
Gary van derford
September 15, 2010.

It could be a lot of things but 3 things that can be narrowed down, fuel, ignition, or mechanical. Its not likely mechanical since the engine idles. It could be lack of fuel but thats easy to check. Ignition is easy to check also. If all 3 seem to be present then check the head temp sensor. If this sensor goes open circuit then the engine runs extremely lean and is hard to keep running.

Sep 19, 2010.