1979 Pontiac Trans Am

1979 Pontiac Trans Am V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

Is the Actuator Rod suppose to display a back and forth motion to relatively push the Ignition Switch spring loaded slide section as the Key Lock is turned to the Start and released to the Run position or returned to the Off position?

If so, what can I do to fix the problem, if the Actuator Rod is not moving back and forth relative to the Key Lock Position?
May 31, 2010.

If it isnt moving the rod with the key, you will have to take the stering wheel off to access the internals on the column. It sounds like the rack assembly may be broken, but to see for sure what is going on you will need to take it apart. This does require a steering wheel puller and a special tool to hold the lock plate down to remove the c-clip that holds it. May be best to have someone who has done this before tackle this job

Jun 1, 2010.