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First off. 03 Pontiac GP. 66k Now that the weather has turned, I found out that my ac doesn't work. I've checked fuses and relays. They're ok. The compressor doesn't want to turn on when I engage the AC. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

May 12, 2007.

You can have the freon checked at a garage, or you can recharge it yourself, there are kits that recharge ac, they can be bought at a local auto store.

May 13, 2007.
Appreciate the reply. I'll try it!

May 16, 2007.
Hello, I have a 1998 pontiac firebird w/ a 3800 series II V6. I have a R134A a/c recharge kit, but I cannot find the low air connection to hook the hose up to. I found a connection that the shop manual says to use, however it has a pressure switch connected to it, that turns the compressor on and off, so I cannot remove that or the compressor does not work. The only other correct size connection I have been able to find is directly located on the side of the accumulator, it has a black cap on it. But I do not think this is where I am suppose to recharge it at, there is also another connection next to where the low air hose goes into the condensor, however it is too big for the hose plug. Can anybody PLEASE help me find the correct connection to use?

Aug 3, 2007.