2001 Pontiac Other

I recently had to replace my fuel filler pipe and my fuel pump. Just before going to the garage, I began to have difficulty filling my tank. After the repair, I still have difficulty filling my tank and it is also difficult to start my car each time. I also smell gas after starting my car. I do not have a light on in the panel to suggest getting it serviced, so I assume there is no code registering. At a loss as to what it could be. Please advise
April 27, 2007.

You could have a problem with your vent valve. If it isn't working it can be difficult to fill your tank. You should check your fuel filter. It can cause starting problems as well as the smell. Have you had it to a dealer lately? There is a recall on the fuel tanks. They will check it out for free I think.

Oct 24, 2010.