2003 Pontiac Montana

I was wondering if someone could explain how to change the rear 3 spark plugs as I think I have a fouled out plug and need to change them and all the local shops what $300 + dollars to change the dang things. Any ideas?
April 20, 2007.

I just finished mine on a 2002. I only changed the wires but the plugs are the same process. You need a strap wrench. You need to remove the air intake, air cleaner and disconnect the throttle cables. You then need to remove the engine torque links between the engine and the radiator support (you only need to completely remove the drivers side and on bolt on the passenger side. Place the strap wrench on the engine lift ring and the other end under the rad support crossover member. You then ratchet the engine foreward about 6" to get more access to the back. You then need to remove the coil pack (4 screws). Access is still very difficult, especially if you have large forearms. I'm laid off, so I did it and it took me about 5 to 6 hours total. If I were working, I would pay the $300 and have them change the high votage wires while they were in there. I can send you some photos if you email me at KerryKirsch@aol. Com. Good luck!

May 4, 2009.
Just did mine. Out of habit I almost removed alternator and air intake to hug the engine. But that won't work on this one.

All you have to do is remove the far left coil pack (2 screws.) Take out the front engine mount bolts and use a strap to pull and hold the engine forward a little. It was still working blind and one handed, but ended up being much easier than most vans I have done.

Feb 13, 2013.