2002 Pontiac Montana

Engine Performance problem
2002 Pontiac Montana 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 86000 miles

hi i've checked my fuel pump and its good. I've replaced my fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator and it still does it. My engine seems to sputter and hesitate after its warm and more going up hill almost. I usually fix my own problems but this one has me stumped please help. Also it does it under load and when I apply light accelerator pressure it runs fine i.E going downslope. I hope its not the tranny because thats my gut telling mer it is. Thanks for your time
October 23, 2010.

Hi ed_dylp, Welcome to 2carpros and TY for the donation

Do an exhaust system backpressure test to rule out any type of restriction, test the throttle position and manifold absolute pressure sensors to include a fuel pressure check-let me know

Oct 24, 2010.
Hi i'm answering my own question. What the tech suggested was somewhat helpfull because I wouldn't of started pulling throttle body connecters and then driving. Process of elimination. End result is the egr valve is no good. Wow to think it would cause sputtering miss firing and near stalls. It makes sense if you think about because as it opens it negates the intake vacuum. If it's defective it'll open too much and cause those symptoms. I'm happy because not only did I find the problem it only cost me a donation to 2carpros. Oh and by the way the van will run just fine with the egr connector off. You'll want to replace the egr valve eventually. Ohh can't wait till something else pops up. Piece of crap gm van!

Oct 24, 2010.