2002 Pontiac Montana

Electrical problem
2002 Pontiac Montana V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

The passanger window will go down but not back up from the passangers side. The drivers side will not put window up or down for the passanger. Is it the motor, or the switch, and if it's the switch, Is it the main one I need to replace or the passangers side.
Cheryl earp
June 14, 2010.

Need to replace the main one, if problem persists, then you will have to remove the inner door panel on passengers side and check motor and regulator.

Jun 18, 2010.
It very well could be a window switch but I would check the wiring in the door boot from the body to the door. I just fixed one today that had a broken wire in the drivers side that had the exact same problem

Oct 26, 2010.