1978 Pontiac Lemans

Electrical problem
1978 Pontiac Lemans V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

i have a 1978 pontiac grand lemans and every time I put the car in gear it blows a fuses
July 7, 2009.

When you move the car and it blows fuses you must have a wire touching /grounding out. Go to that circuit and see if you can find any bare wires. If it's the courtesy circuit check your underhood light, trunk lightor lights under the dash. It could be something in the cigarette lighter as well.

Oct 9, 2009.
Does this happen with key on-engine off? If you don't have a wire pinched when you shift it, key on- e/off, you could have a problem with the neutral safety switch. I've seen them actually come apart and short to ground when shifted.

Jim Shirron
Jun 20, 2010.