Pontiac Grand Prix

Working on a 2000 Grand Prix 3800 eng. Fairly sure the turn signal switch is bad because it runs through the T/S switch, right? Cruise is inop as well. Main problem is getting the horn pad/air bag module off. There are supposed to be 4 screws in back but can only locate two at this time. Anyone changed out this module? I am a tech myself, but out of the business about 3+ years now. Back problems will do it every time.
Thanks in advance for your help.
January 26, 2007.

Back problems suck, been there...are there.

T/s switch sounds like what I would expect.

Thanks for the breakdown, it'll be helpful for sure. I'm trying to help my dad fix this one over the phone, it's going to be tomorrow before I can drive down to help him. Funny thing is, he taught me nearly everything I know. He turned wrenches for over 40 years. He's just about lost on the newer stuff though.

Jan 27, 2007.
I would like to encourage you and your Dad to spend a little time on this site to help others. I think you'll both find it entertaining and addictive. The basic stuff with cars haven't completley changed. : Wink: Like a professor once told me, " your smarter than you think you are"!

Well, he got it before I got down there. It was a bitch to get to those screws, but he got them out and changed the combo switch and that fixed it. That's something to remember on my GMC. It all runs through the Turn signal switch. Brake lights, T/S, cruise and wipers. Scary!

Jan 29, 2007.