Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am with 38,000 miles. Recently the heater/ac fan quit working on speeds 1 through 3. The heater/ac fan works fine on the higher speeds of 4 and 5.
December 9, 2006.

Hmm, I dont really get your question, but I have a 91 integra LS. When I start my car in the cold my " fast idle" is 1500 RPM when full warm up my " curb idle" is 500 RPM. When you start your car in the cold your engine idles fast to warm up to operating temperature and drops down when warmed up.

I dont know what you mean by stop or turn off idling. Your car idles at a stop because your engine is always spinning, the only way to stop idle I guess is to shut off the car. : Wink:

Nov 10, 2006.
Bigaldizzler is getting to the heart of the matter. The engine idle speed at warm should be around 650 to 750 rpm. If it gets warm and as you slow down it quits that is a problem, but you need to supply more info and if you read the before you post message you must tell us more about the car. I fail to understand how we can help. You take it to a mechanic and he knows the car because he sees it and he gets to listen, etc. I am no miracle worker. Sorry to dump on you but I like to assist people with their cars but info, feed me info.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 11, 2006.
This has happened to me as well. Settings 1-2 don't work for me. 1999 pontiac grand am se 97,000 miles

how much should it cost to replace this?

One repair shop was going to charge me over $300 for parts and labor. Completely ridiculous

Dec 19, 2006.
How easy is it to replace for someone with not much knowledge of cars?

I heard it was under the dash, near the center, for a grand am.
Do you need to solder it in?

Dec 19, 2006.