Pontiac Grand Am

I was driving and it was slippery and I ost control of my vehicle and I had the wheels turnedto the left and I hit the curb on the right side of my cehicle. It pushed the tire back (twards the trunk) of the wheel well and it makes contact with the well. Is there any way that I can bend it back to its original position? The car is a pontiac grand am GT 1994 front wheel drive 5 speed manual tranny. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
February 27, 2007.

You probably need a new control arm for starters, need to see what is bent. Rim may be bent, tire may have impact breaks.

It was the control arm, and the strut, and the spindle. $550.50 to fis w/ used parts. I hate winter. Thanks for the help.

Mar 4, 2007.