1990 Pontiac Grand Am

Suspension problem
1990 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 196000 miles

i have a 1990 grand am when I drive it it makes this thumping sound only time it doesnt make it is when I turn right my brother seems to think that the drivers side stut is bad and is hitting the sway bar causing it to make the thumping sound could that be all it is or what I just had two brand new tires on so I know its not that
February 8, 2009.

It might be the strut, but I think a more probable issue may be you CV Halfshaft. When the joint in the shaft breaks it often results in a loud clunking noise when driving. If you get under the car you should be easliy able to determine if the strut is the problem, but the CV Halfshaft is a little trickier. Once you get to the shaft if it is broken you should notice a lot of play in the joint. It will move side to side and up and down much more than normal if it is indeed broken. Hope this helps and good luck.

Feb 9, 2009.
Ok but if it was the half shaft wouldn't I have a problem driving it?

Feb 10, 2009.