Plymouth Voyager

I own a 1994 Plymouth Voyager SE.

A front wheel drive 3.0 L V6 with Automatic overdrive transmision. It has 170, 000 Km or just over 100, 000 miles (original).


1 - it sat for about 5 years
2 - in 2002, it was started and ran well for until last year
3 - in 2005, the A/C compressor seized on us, no more A/C
4 - in summer 2006, the fuel pump went and replaced, along with the inline filter by the chasis
5 - in late 2006, cold starting is started to be a challenge until now it just juggles and dies. Now it sat in the garage. When it starts, it would run fine when it is warm.
6 - 3 experienced mechanics tried to solve this problem with no answer
7 - sympstoms: starts & putt-putt-putt & dies with NO ENGINE CODES!
8 - things that has been replaced - distributor cap, rotor, whole distributor, water temp sensor, all spark plugs, all ignition wires, air filter, pvc valve filter, engine computer (twice)
9 - things has been checked - no engine code, fuel pressure at 45

Could the fuel flow be questionable even the pressure checked out good?

I am thinking of changing the fuel pump. Would this be worth a try? The other mechanics think not.

I've spent quite a bit of money and time. I asked another mechanic for his opnions and he jokingly tld me that there is one thing that I haven't changed. I asked what it is. He said the Van itself.

Do you have any idea?

September 23, 2007.

I would recheck the fuel pressure again and pull the vacuum hose at the pressure regulator you see fuel in it -bad regulator.

Do the pressure check KOEO and KOER

Sep 23, 2007.
Where would I find the fuel regulator? Can you describe the look or approximate location?

If you have a picture that would be handy. Thx.

Sep 25, 2007.
A 2.5 has TBI- yours must be a MFPI system find the fuel rail its attached to it. Or the fuel line follow it will lead you to it. It looks likes a small canister with a vacuum hose.

Sep 25, 2007.
OK, I will look into it this week. Thx!

Sep 26, 2007.
I replaced the fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator.

The car now starts but still a rough start.

It takes a few starts before it gets going. That's with my foot to the floor.

I also noticed the Automatic Transmission Fluid is low. I put in 2 liters and still need more.

Could this fluid leak into the engine and cause this starting problem?

Where should I go next?


Mar 19, 2008.
Test the coolant temperature sensor/idle air control motor and throttle position sensor.

Mar 19, 2008.
I've changed the following: - Coolant temp sensor
- Distributor assmebly
- Cap & rotor
- Ignition wire set
- All spark plugs
- Air filter
- PVC filter
- Fuel pump
- Fuel filter
- Fuel pressure regulator

What do the Idle air control motor and throttle position sensor look like and where are they located?

Mar 20, 2008.
Idle air control motor and the throttle position sensor-See below

Mar 21, 2008.
Thanks for the picture!

What kind of testing should I do?

Continuety test?

Resistance test?

Voltage test?

Mar 25, 2008.
You can perform all 3 of them.

Mar 26, 2008.