1999 Plymouth Voyager

Electrical problem
1999 Plymouth Voyager 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 126000 miles

Every once in awhile my gauges would die, until I would smack it and it went back on. Recently it died and would not power back on. I took it apart, checked the wiring and circuit board, and found that the wiring that plugs into the instrument cluster might have been damaged. I replaced it and wired the new wires in, but the gauges still do not work. All my fuses seem to be working fine as well. After wiring the new cluster cable in, I also noticed that my stereo died as well.

I haven't run any electrical tests on the circuit board for the instrument cluster yet, but I took a look at the board, checked all the bulbs, and searched for any cracks or black marks, and the board looks brand new to me.

The car starts and runs very smoothly, no mechanical problems that I can find, just the electrical problems.

Thanks, Cam.
August 1, 2009.

Check for the codes in the cluster.

Might be a BCM problem....

The entire cluster doesn't receive any power, so the codes cannot be displayed. I think I am going to take my instrument cluster into an auto electric repair shop and test to see if it's the cluster or if the car is even giving the cluster power.

Another significant thing; back when the cluster would shut down, and I used to just smack it to power it back on, every time it would power off it would display ABS on the panel above the cluster. Every time I would smack it to power the cluster back on, the ABS would go away. Since the cluster is permanently off now, the ABS signal has been on.

It doesn't add up to me why the Anti-lock braking system signal would come on after the instrument cluster shutting down, but maybe it could lead to the actual problem?

Any other suggestions would be helpful as well.

Thanks, Cam

Aug 2, 2009.
I double checked my fuses today, and saw one that was burnt out. After replacing it, my car stereo and car remote works once again.

I also checked my signals again today, and noticed that the ABS signal is now off, so it must not have any thing to do with the current problem I have. But I did notice the " service engine soon" signal that I have been ignoring ever since the dash stopped working. I had no idea that computer technology was advanced enough for cars to actually narrow down problems with cars. How useful.

Anyways, a local shop in town let me use one of their computer tester devices, and it gave me the code P1698, which reads: No CCD message from the transition or body control module (TCM or BCM).

Do you guys think that this could relate to my instrument cluster problem? The only reason I think it does, is because the " service engine soon" light came on the second after the cluster died for good.

Aug 3, 2009.
The TCM communicates with the cluster. Getting a code for this can be part of the problem with the cluster.

Looking at the wiring diagram, you can see this. Well maybe you can see this lol...I can send it to you if needbe.

Thanks a bunch, I'll take my car to an auto electric repair shop and have them take a look at it. Then I'll be sure to post to see if that was it.

Aug 6, 2009.
No doubt that it needs to be tested.

Well, I found out that the instrument cluster WAS getting power from the instrument cluster cords, but it still was not showing any power. The local dodgetown ordered a new motherboard for the instrument cluster which ran me an unfortunate $500.00. I'm sure if dodgetown was cool enough not to rip anyone off they could have just repaired my circuit board for a lot less, but they said they needed to get me a brand new one. None the less, I can't be too upset because it does work now. I hope it never breaks down again, 500 dollars is a lot to run a 18 year old college freshman like me. Good luck to everyone else, and thanks for the help.

Aug 21, 2009.