1998 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 1998 Plymouth Voyager, 3.0 liter, V6, approx. 130,000 miles. The gauges on the dash quit working at times and sometimes come right back on and other times stay off for days. No rhyme or reason to when this happens. Error code in Haynes manual is 66. We get this code twice when we check by turning key. Transmission doesn't shift properly when gauges are out either. Took to a dealer and they replaced BCM. It worked for a couple of weeks and went out again. They CLAIM to have checked all connections. Dash lights up fine, just no gauges. Any particular connect to BCM that could be shorting it out?
June 14, 2007.

No gauges work at all, speedometer, fuel or temperature

Jul 7, 2007.
That's right. No gauges at all. The dealership has replaced the Body Control Module and that didn't fix it. Two weeks after replacing it, the gauges went our and wouldn't come back on at all. Now, they have replaced the Instrument Cluster and for now, that seems to have solved the problem, but I just picked it up 3 days ago and driven it 3 times since. We'll see.

Jul 9, 2007.