1997 Plymouth Voyager

Electrical problem
1997 Plymouth Voyager 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 122700 miles

For several years now, my entire instrument panel (all gages, instrument lights) fail intermittently and randomly. I can't figure out any pattern to it. They come back on eventually. Doesn't seem to be getting any worse or better--- they work about 80% of the time. Doesn't apply to radio or heater/AC unit. Just instruments.

We have taken it to the dealer twice--both times they have said they cannot duplicate the problem and therefore can't fix it.

Any thoughts about the cause? Is this something a regular mechanic could analyze and fix, or is the dealer the only remedy?

If I take it to the dealer when the problem is occuring, will this help them identify what is wrong?

And what would you expect this to cost to fix (very old and beat up car--but it's paid for.

November 25, 2008.

Hi: Believe me when I say, I understand what you mean by " it's paid for.&Quot; As far as the problem. I would look under the dash to make sure all connections are tight. If they are, it could be caused by the body control module (BCM).

If the problem occurrs, yes it would help the dealer identify the problem as long as it doesn't fix itself before getting there.

Let me know if you have any other questions. And remember, a couple hundred in a repair is cheaper than a car payment unless it becomes all of the time.