1996 Plymouth Voyager

Electrical problem
1996 Plymouth Voyager 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 167540 miles

When I turn on the key to start the engine, sometimes the starter will work and then other times I need to turn the key on and off a few times and then the engine will start. I seem the problem happens more in cold weather. I have a new battery with clean terminales, recently put on a new inginiion switch with key, but still have problem
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Dick Reynolds
918-254-1972 Tulsa, OK
January 24, 2010.

Your probable causes here could be fuses, starter relay and the computer controlled of the starter relay or the starter itself


Jan 25, 2010.
I vote for the starter, especially if you hear one loud clunk from the starter when it doesn't crank. Worn solenoid contacts are real common. They can be replaced, but most people just replace the entire starter. Just keep cycling the ignition switch. It will crank eventually but it will get progressively worse.

Rasmataz hit all the possibilities, but you'll have to provide more clues, observations, or voltage measurements for him to narow down the problem.


Jan 25, 2010.