1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

Electrical problem
1969 Plymouth Roadrunner V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I have a 69 R/R 440 with approx. 500hp not a race car just a weekend street car. I have new electrical wiring in the engine compartment. I have no problem running my car during the day, but once I need to turn on the lights the vehicle shuts down. The vehicle is not able to hold the load of the lights. I purchased a new battery optium with pleanty of juice, should I be looking at the alternator possibly. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
R. Mata
Raul mata
July 8, 2009.

If you still have the 1969 alternator on it, you can do a full field test while you have a meter hooked to the battery and the lights on.

That would give you a good idea if the alternator is too weak.

Or if you still have a points style regulator, it could need to be cleaned and adjusted.

Jul 8, 2009.