Plymouth Reliant

Could you tell me where to find the voltage regulator on an 89 plymouth reliant. Mileage is 78000.
November 12, 2006.

It could be one of three places. It could be an integral part of the alternator, a box on the firewall, or part of the computer. Check the back of the alt, and the firewall. If nothing is found, it's in the computer.

Just to add, the info shows the alternator field circuit is controlled by the computer.

If your molded connector looks like the picture, the two smaller terminals are for the field terminals, engine running, one is hot, the other has a pulse.

Hey Jacobandnickolas I wasn't trying to jump your post, I'm a slow typer, plus, I have to look it up, I can't do it from memory. good-day

Mar 22, 2009.
Not a problem. I appreciate the help because I don't know where to find the pictures. I can't get then from mitchell online. Where do you find them?

Hi, the alternator picture came from

The first page is for parts, there should be a link at the top, that says, technical resources, click on that, the next page should ask for year--make--model, has engine wiring diagrams and component locations. It doesn't have everything, but, it's interesting.

Sometimes,I'll look up the part in an online partsbook, like napa-- autozone-- rockauto. If the picture has enough detail, I post the picture. Sometimes I save the picture in paint, then I can add text and draw lines in the picture, then post.

I forgot to add the .com on the link, a while ago, it should work now

Mar 22, 2009.
Thanks again! I really appreciate it.


Its no.2 on the pic-my guess its on the firewall/fender its mounted seperately-Easter hunt time

Mar 23, 2011.

Mar 23, 2011.