1988 Plymouth Reliant

Engine Performance problem
1988 Plymouth Reliant 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 67000 miles

i just got done swapping a 2.5L out of a 86? 5 s-speed into my 88 reliant after my 2.5 took a rod bearing out.

and instead of having the rev limiter set at 55 in 1st gear it is set at 35. 2nd is at ~65 instead of 75 and 3rd is set at 90 ( I never found the rev limiter in drive)

its just kind of annoying not having a passing gear and taking off slow
June 14, 2009.

There's no " rev limiter" in these cars. 55 mph in first gear is abuse. Even 35 mph is not very smart and not what passenger cars are designed for. It's no wonder your old engine threw a rod. The 2.2L turbo, with modifications including nitrous, is capable of producing over 500 hp. But that is done with no upgrades to the bottom end. These engines are really tough, but over-revving any engine will kill it.


Jun 19, 2009.