1987 Plymouth Reliant

Engine Performance problem
1987 Plymouth Reliant 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

On the 1987 Reliant, where is the EGR valve located? I've got code 34 that states the EGR solonioid circuit is open. Does this pertaiin to the EGR valve itself or an electronic component somewhere?
March 22, 2008.

I expect that is is related to the electronic portion.

Solenoid is on the right front shock tower below the cover.
I assume this is carbureted.

Thanks for the reply but there is nothing on the right front shock tower - at least nothing that looks as complicated as what you diagramed. By right I assume you mean the passenger side.
I was able to locate the EGR valve and it's on the back side as the intake is located on the back side of the motor next to the firewall.
Any other place I should look for this electronic contraption?
Thanks again,

Mar 25, 2008.
I based this on carbureted, is this fuel injected?

You can access this info through this link:

Thanks. It has a carburator.

Mar 26, 2008.
Okay, the electrical portion, on top op the right front tower, but it is attached to the firewall as it looks to me.

And I would agree on the valve, as that is what it looks like in the picture.

What makes this tough, is I am working with information that is not always accurate, but you have the car. Probably been 10 years since I've had one in the shop. Component locations can be a bit vague.