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I just changed the air filter on my 91 Plymouth Laser 1.8. I also sprayed some throttle body cleaner in the throttle body while I had the air intake hose on. I put the new air filter in and reattached the air intake hose. Now, the car idles around 1400 RPM's and then it will drop down to a 1000 RPM's and continues doing this up and down idling every couple of seconds. Other than that, the car runs OK. The air filter was extremely dirty that I took out. A neighbor of mine said that since it was so dirty, the computer has to find the correct air/fuel ratio since now it has a new air filter in it. Is this true? If not, what is causing this up and down idling every couple of seconds. Thankx. Gary
May 9, 2007.

Gary: Make sure you didn't by accident disconnect wires near or around the intake tube. Also, has the check engine light come on?

Sounds like an oxagyn sensor.

Apr 21, 2009.