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The cable on my hood release seems to be broken How can I open my hood
December 8, 2006.

Get a pair of pliers and where your hood release handle is, well behind it you'll find the cable grab the cable with the pliers and pull the cable til the hood releases. It sound to me that the cables not broke but the hood release handle is

Dec 9, 2006.
Okay, I did not make the original post you replied to, but I have the same thing, 94 Plymouth voyager, hood wont open. I loaned it to a friend and when I got it back, the hood release latch was busted on the interior. I removed the interior cover and the handle is busted off, but when I pull on the cable, it goes all the way out to the position it would be in if the latch had released, as though the cable is no longer attached to the hood latch itself. How can I get the hood open in this case.I can't see anything through the grill that would indicate a place to release the latch?

Mar 15, 2007.