1993 Plymouth Other

I have changed the relays(auto shutdown/fuel pump), coil, hall effect, cap, wires, rotor, plugs, and no SPARK! I got.23 amps going to the ign. Coil but nothing coming out so no SPARK! ANY HELP would be greatly apreciated
December 8, 2006.

I'm not sure if you've had any luck or not with your problem, but I just joined this forum today and came across your delema. I had this problem with my Father's truck once and a good mechanic told me it's one of three things. Spark plug wire is bad, ignition module, or the pick-up coil (installed onto the distributor-need to pull and disassemble the distributor to get it. If it has one at all not sure on your car.) Is bad. So hopefully this helps if you haven't fixed already. Good Luck.

Dec 27, 2006.