1988 Plymouth Other

Electrical problem
1988 Other Plymouth Models 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 112000 miles

I own a 1988 Plymouth Sundance, and I turned it on and went to turn on the headlights and the speedometer light did not turn on and neither did the a/c and heat unit light, nor the two front yellow lights, the turn signals worked fine but the yellow lights did not come on with the headlights. I checked all the fuses and there all fine and I'm pretty sure its not the battery, so I'm stumped, and its pretty hard to see where the needle on the speedometer is at night so I really hope you can offer some advice thanks guys.
Shane stoner 0328
June 12, 2008.

Hi: The lights on the front most likely need replaced. As far as the dash lights, you will need to check for a bad ground or try to remove the bulbs and replace.

Let me know what you find.