1973 Plymouth Duster

Electrical problem
1973 Plymouth Duster 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 18 miles

my tail lights and reverse lights and side marker lamps arent working I m not sure if they are on the same circuit but I checked the bulbs and terminals which are fine. Im pretty sure that the wiring is good. Im just wondering if its more likely to be a faulty control switch or a faulty dimmer switch, or something esle entirely
December 15, 2009.

If your lights don't work in the back but do in the front then it's either a bad ground or broken wire I your bulbs are good. You'll have to get a test light and see if you are getting power to the lights or not. YOu could also have bad contacts in the back which are replacable. You can usually find them in the help center at the store. If they aren't the right socket you can take the guts outand redo your own sockets.

Dec 21, 2009.