1994 Plymouth Colt

Electrical problem
1994 Plymouth Colt 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 180000 miles

Engine stopped running suddenly, luckily just when I was about to park in front of the building, so I had to push it only 20m. I tried to start engine couple of times, but no luck. Battery is good, gas tank full. It was sitting there for two days. Then I tried again. Engine started with no problem and I left it running. It was running not bad but not perfectly, kind of like low rpm, and with tendency to stop, which actually did after 5 min. All attempts to start it aging didn't work.

I changed plugs, distributor cap and plug cables. I removed all 4 plugs and connected one against car body, started cranking but no spark on plug. There was smell of gas coming from the engine (through open plug holes), so I suppose gas is coming to cylinders, but there is no spark to ignite.

What next should I checked and how. I am not mechanic but can do few basic things (even more if I have detailed instructions).

Thank you very much for your time and help.

September 1, 2008.

Remove distributor cap crank engine check if the rotor is turning
check timing belt

Sep 1, 2008.