2000 Peugeot Other

Electrical problem
2000 Other Peugeot Models Front Wheel Drive Manual 300000 miles

meening to buy this car, cant find the enginezize, but its a turbodiesel, either 2.2/or2.5. The coolingfan does not kick in, I hotwired it so I know its ok, but when I studdied around a bit I noticed that the cable from the tempsensor on the thermostat housing was severed.I guess the fan needs to get impulse from that sensor to know when to start. There are two thin cables coming out of that sensor, standing in front of the car they go about 50 cm to the left and are severed there. Where are they surposed to be connected?And might there be another reason the fan doesnt start on the automode?
May 9, 2009.

Hi runster,

We need to know the model of the vehicle to be abe to understand the system and perform correct diagnosis.

Is it possible to get a snap shot of the wires that you are refering to? That would help greatly.

May 10, 2009.
The peugot manifacturers are not so good at stating the cardata somewhere visable, had to make some calls but the car is a 2000 model peugot boxer 2.4 turbodiesel.A picture wouldnt help much at this point, looks like someone had a mudwrestlingsession in the enginecompartment, and I dont dare to hose down yet since I havent bought it and dont know if there are open/damadged areas that would cause engineproblems getting water on them. Found one hole already in a pipe for the oilcoolingsystem, getting water in there would mean it would suck it in and cease up when it got to the pistons.I mainly need to understand the principal for the coolingfan system on theese cars to be able to fix or work around it for now so it can be testdriven. Or left on idle for a while without overheating. Components locations would help, but I can jerryrig it with whatever if I just know the basics on this models system. Could hotwire it but the bearing sounds like a grizzly when I tried so I dont want it to run constantly

May 11, 2009.
Sorry to say we don't have the data available for this model in our database and would not be able to offer much assistance.

I have a wiring diagram for a Volkswagen which should be similar to the Peugeot. This is just for your understanding and hope it helps.

May 11, 2009.