2001 Peugeot 206

Engine Performance problem
2001 Peugeot 206 Manual 104000 miles

I currently own a Peugeot 206 Van and I am having trouble with the vehicle cutting out.

The engine will start, and then after a while it begins to judder and eventually it cuts out. It then struggles to start again but with more efforts, it will start. Again it begins to judder and then cuts out.

The engine runs quite smoothly when the van is stationary, but when I accelarate it begins to struggle, and will sometimes lose a bit of power and other times I will gain power without applying any more or less pressure to the pedal.

I have recently had the fuel filter and fuel filter housing replaced. This fixed the problem for a short while, and then the problem began again.

Thanks for your help
March 10, 2009.

Add a good fuel cleaner to the tank to clean the lines and injectors .. does the MIL (engine light) show on the dash display ?

Dave H
Mar 11, 2009.