1995 Peugeot 106

Engine Performance problem
1995 Peugeot 106 Two Wheel Drive Manual 41,000 miles

Dear 2carpros,
I just had the results from a failed MOT. Please could you give me advice on the cost of these repairs. And the most cost effective way of getting these repairs done.
Front offside headlight at dip beam needs replacing
Two new front tyres
Two front Constant velocity joint gaiter split
Exhaust emissions, carbon monoxide content at idle too high
Exhaust emissions, carbon monoxide content after Second fast idle too high
Thanks so much
May 4, 2010.

You need to replace the headlight bulb and 2 front tyres. Start by having the vehicle serviced and add a good fuel additive to the fuel tank to clean the system

Dave H
May 18, 2010.