2001 Ford Taurus • 110,000 miles

Car was struck by lightning after thunderstorm. Antenna was visibly burned where it was struck. Car will not turn over but dash lights and all accessories work. All fuses checked okay under the dash and under the hood. Tried checking the PCM with a code reader but it does recognize or find one. Am concerned the strike fried it. Is there any way to check. When you turn the key the starter never engages or makes any motion.
June 25, 2013.

There's no way to test a computer, (other than with the special test benches where they manufacture them). All you can do is check for 12 volts on all the power wires, (there's usually three or four), test all the ground wires, (there's usually four), then if those are all okay, test for proper voltages and signals at the input wires. If all of those are okay but you don't get the desired outputs, suspect the computer. Substitution will verify proper operation, but with a lightning strike you can expect multiple computer failures so you may be finding more and more things start to work as you replace more of them.

Jun 25, 2013.