1998 Opel Astra

Transmission problem
1998 Opel Astra 6 cyl Manual 198000 miles

Hi there Please can you help? My car is making a sort of crunching noise almost like something is about to break but this only happens when first or second gear is selected, but it is fine when the third, fourth or fifth gears are selected. Also every time that I turn after selecting first or second gear it makes a horrible crunching noise! I am not mechanically minded in any way hence do not know what it could be, its taking off fine, and does rattle a little when in neutral but ince clutch is in then the rattling sound dissapears! Pls help and thank you!
April 25, 2008.

Hi there,

Would have the gear box oil changed and inspected for metal as I feel you may have a broken tooth on a gear in the gar box.

Mark (mhpautos)

Apr 25, 2008.
Transmission bearing is the problem for the 1-2 gears since all the others work fine

For more details and drawing details send me th type of your trans so I will inform you for the bearing!

Sounds like the clutch springs are worn and this is allowing the thrust bearing to rattle about. Would also explain the crunching of gear sounds? Will be time for a new clutch soon

Opel parts greece
May 9, 2008.