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1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL, 140,100 miles
Hi. I was checkin the antifreeze level in my car and I noticed a thick brownish buildup around the top of the radiator. I was wondering if that was due to a leaking intake manifold or oil getting into the antifreeze somewhere else.
December 11, 2006.

What size engine does the car have in it. It could be the intake manifold gaskets or possibly the head gaskets. Has the car overheated lately? You can do a compression test on the engine to see if you have two adjacent cylinders that are low on compression the head gasket is most likely blown. If your compression test is good then most likely either the intake gaskets are bad and need replacing, if it had the plastic composite upper intake, they are subceptible to cracking causing coolant to get into the oil. Hope this helps.


Jan 1, 2007.
May just be normal dex-cool sludge build up around the neck. Is it milky colored?