2002 Oldsmobile Other

Electrical problem
2002 Other Oldsmobile Models 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 58000 miles

I am attempting to complete the installation of the trailing wiring. The van came with a factory provided wiring harness " pigtail.&Quot; I have used bullet connectors to attach the harness to on of two different Hoppy convertor assemblies. The first was the correct converter (as confirmed by Hopkins Mfg tech support) to combine separate turn signal with the brake lights in a flat 4-wire lead. The second was a power tail light converter (separate fused lead to battery and separate ground wire -- provided at no charge to me by Hopkins -- to resolve the following problem. (Neither has corrected it.)

Problem -- when any one of several trailers with flat 4-wire leads is connected to the vehicle and the vehicle is started the trailer lights fail to operate properly and the TCS disabled and ABS warning messages and lamps are activated.

The one variable I have not yet tried is to eliminate the OEM trailer lighting pigtail and splice directly into individual lamp wires. I'd prefer not to do this unless absolutely necessary as the OEM connection is much more convenient.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting and fixing this problem.
August 19, 2008.

What colors are athe wires your using from the factory harness? Do they match up with the pigtail you have? Did you try using a test light to confirm the wires from vehicle are the right ones? I have never run across any problems before.

Aug 19, 2008.
Factory provided trailer lighting pigtail (plugs into main harness near air leveling compressor at left rear) has SIX wires: Green - RH turn
Yellow - LH turn
Brown - Tail
Black - Stop
Orange - Power (even with ign off)
White - Ground

I reconfirmed each using a test light. They match up to the leads on the converters.

Aug 22, 2008.
First of all what is the exact vehicle you have? If the turn and brake signal are the same bulb then you will need no adapters just dont use the black brake wire. Let me know the exact vehicle.

Aug 24, 2008.
2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette (van) GLS
Separate turn signals

Aug 26, 2008.
Ok I found your problem in my schematic. Your ground is the black wire and the brake light is the white wire. Thanks for hanging in there, I missed your post yesterday. This should definitely fix your problem. Let me know

Aug 27, 2008.