1990 Oldsmobile Other

1990 Other Oldsmobile Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 57000 miles

I bought a 1990 88 it won, t start it isn't getting fuel, I thought since it had'nt been ran in a while the fuel filter might be plugged so I took it off and turned the key on and no feul so I put in a new fuel relay. I could'nt find a fuse in the panel for fuel pump but still no gas any ideas?
September 25, 2008.

Check no.25 fuse 25amp if its good and if you don't hear the fuel pump come on for 2secs its either the computer or the fuel pump to verify power the pump from the battery if it comes on it points to the computer-don't come on its the pump.

Sep 26, 2008.