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Electrical problem
1977 Other Oldsmobile Models V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 64,000 miles

I have a 1977 Olds Delta 88 with 64,000 miles. The car had previously ran great. Went to start it and after a few cranks I let off the key and it kept cranking even after I turned the key to the off position. This continued for a few seconds untill it just ran the the battery so dead that nothing would work lights, horn ect. I hooked up the jumpers and the battery started smoking and stated to melt the plastic pieces close to the jumper cable ends. Car would hardly crank with jumpers hooked up. Thanks
September 27, 2008.

Hi fdn302,

Thank you for the donation.

You have burnt the starter by non stop cranking and have to replace it.
Check the ignition switch, it should be faulty and is stuck in the cranking position, needs replacement too.

Sep 28, 2008.
After hooking up the jumpers it barley cranked over. Why would it crank at all if the starter is bad. Why does the battery want to smoke when jumpers are hooked up even with out trying to start the olds. Thanks

Sep 29, 2008.
The starter can still crank as it is not fully damaged, just that the brushes and armature might be weak thus the poor cranking and it is partially shorting so the jumper would get hot.

Unplug the ignition switch wire connector and use jumper to see if the starter still tries to crank.

Sep 30, 2008.