1996 Oldsmobile Ciera

Engine Performance problem
1996 Oldsmobile Ciera 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

I have a 1996 Oldsmobile ciera sl the car runs great but it will all of a sudden die while accelerating, while idling, or while driving on the freeway. It is completely random. When it dies I will pull over and after a couple minutes of turning the engine over it will start running for a second or two and die (like it had ran out of gas) and then it will start up again like there was nothing wrong at all. Then it will run perfect for sometimes 300 miles and sometimes 20 miles it is very random. I have replaced the fuel filter and fuel regulator. Do you have any Idea of what it could be?
February 11, 2010.

When it doesn't start, have you checked for spark and fuel to the engine? Have you checked fuel pump pressure?

Let me know.

Since then I have sloved the problem. The problem was the fuel pump. When I took it out of the gas tank and bench tested it. The pump would work great for awhile but, when it started to get hot it would stop working. I would let it rest for about 5 mins.. Then it would start working again. This would expain the simptoms I was getting. I hope this information will help some one else.

Apr 9, 2010.
I'm glad you found the problem. That happens more than you can imagine. People will check the fuel pressure when it has time to cool off and get a good reading. They don't check it hot. That is why I asked if you checked the two things when it was actually happening.

Regardless, thanks for using 2carpros. Com and let us know if you have questions in the future.