1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

Electrical problem
1995 Oldsmobile Aurora V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 134000 miles

What are the steps to replacing the windshield washer pump on my wife's Aurora? Is the pump located inside the fender on the passenger side?
October 15, 2010.

Removal & Installation
Vehicle uses 2 washer fluid reservoirs: an inner (upper) reservoir and an outer (lower) reservoir. Washer motor is on the outer (lower) reservoir. Reservoirs are connected by a transfer hose. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove right front inner fender.
Disconnect transfer hose from outer reservoir. Cut and remove tape securing wiring harness and hose. Remove 2 screws and outer reservoir. Disconnect hose from top of outer reservoir and from washer motor. Disconnect wiring harness from washer motor and fluid level sensor. Remove washer motor. To install, reverse removal procedure.

Oct 15, 2010.