1996 Oldsmobile 88

Engine Mechanical problem
1996 Oldsmobile 88 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 102648 miles

my son has a 96 old 88.V6.3.8. It locked up on him. Thought mabey the timing chain, but when I put num.1 plug had water in it. Then thought head gasket. Than I pulled all the plugs and theres water in all the clylinders. What do you guys think?Thanks for your help
October 15, 2008.

V6. Hmm if theres water in all cylindres I might be thinking the engien is hydrolocked from leaky intake manifold gasket.

Is it water or antifreeze?

Oct 15, 2008.
Thanks for your answer. Its antifreeze. Answer to your? I was afraid might be cracked block.I started pulling the intake off. Thanks for your answer

Oct 16, 2008.
But since all cylinders are fulled I kinda rule out a cracked block since you say its a v6 not a straight/inline 6.

Get a compression test going and see.

Oct 17, 2008.
Had to replace the upper intake manifold (plenum) & gasket. Odd design has water going up into the intake end of the plenum. If slightly overheated or run low on coolant the joint looses it's seal & you guessed it, pours water into the intake.
I used a shop vac & small Dia. Hose to clear the cylinders through the spark plug holes & top of the intake manifold (lower) & changed the oil. Replaced the plenum & gasket, ($120@ parts store) started right up & runs great.

Nov 21, 2008.
Thats really thought out, good job.

Hope it helps him with his problem.

Nov 22, 2008.