2007 Nissan X-Trail

Noises problem
2007 Nissan X-Trail 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 50000 miles

When ever I turn to the right I hear a skidding sound without pressing the brakes. I also hear the same skidding sound when I'm driving straight at low speeds, again without pressing the brakes. I also noticed that my rear tires seem worn on the inside, driverside seems worn on the rightside of tire and the passenger side tire is worn on the left side of tire. Your help will be geatly appreciated.

Best regards
October 7, 2010.

Hi there,

I would start with having a 4 wheel alignment check, you may have to replace the tyres as well, as I can't tell how bad they are, but the primary problem sounds like a chronic misalignment problem, start here.

Mark (mhpautos)

Oct 7, 2010.