1992 Nissan Sunny

Electrical problem
1992 Nissan Sunny 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

I would like to ask what could be wrong with my Nissan Sunny. It's enging would not crank up. I was able to start it up and drive it initially, but when I turned it off and restarted, it would not start. When I took the battery voltage while my engine was running, I noticed that it was going down by increments of.01V down to 10V. My battery is just a few months old and when I checked its voltage with the engine off, its voltage was slowly increasing by.01V increments up to 11.9V. I tried to restart but still, the engine would not crank up. I also noticed, that my headlights start dimming when I try to crank up the engine. Could I have a defective alternator? Or something else? Really need your help. Thanks.
Jomar amistoso
August 31, 2009.

Get both the alternator and battery load tested and go from there

Aug 31, 2009.