Nissan Sentra

We are replacing the alternator on my 98 Nissan Sentra. We have read in the Haynes book that there are two screws to loosen to allow the drive belt some slack. We have seen these and loosened them, but they will not move down into the slot they run on-- like they are all gunked up. So that won't allow the drive belt to slacken. And we can only get one side of the alternator bolted on because of the belt tension.

Is there a trick we are missing? Should we coat the whole thing with WD-40 and let it set for a while in the sun? Or should we do an ancient Indian serpentine belt dance? We dunno- any solutions or suggestions greatly appreciated.
January 28, 2007.

For what reason are you replacing the alternator-comeback in details it might not be it.

You sure you have the correct alternator and belt-if it ain't it-you can do the Hula all day you'll face the same problem

Jan 28, 2007.
Thanks so much for answering Rasmataz.

I was replacing the alternator because it was making a constant loud hum when the car was running, and the noise was coming out of the alternator.

But we got the alternator on, so I sure hope it is the right one! But it has been running ok for a bit.

Thanks again for the help. It took two days, but a lot of people made it possible.

2CarPros rocks!

Jan 30, 2007.
Keep up the good work-pretty soon am gonna promote you to Tech 2-gotta earn it though. \When you get lost-holla for the big bears here, we'll walk you thru if you're willing to learn it in and out.

Good Luck-Geronimo lol-kidding

Jan 30, 2007.