1999 Nissan Quest

Electrical problem
1999 Nissan Quest 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic


I replace the mass air flow sensor, and reconnected the battery. Then the interior lights, power windows and door locks, cruise control would not work.

Took it into Nissan, after 4 hours they told me I needed to replace smart entrance control unit.

I have replaced the piece at home and now the cruise control has returned.

The fuse box at the left side of driver has 3 fuses that still dont have power a 7.5a eng cont two 20A rear defog and a 10a heated mirror

Do you have any suggestions before I take this back to nissan
October 3, 2010.

Hi modeltl2,

Thank you for the donation.

Is the SECU new, used or reman?

The power window and defogger relay are grounded by the SECU to provide power to the respective fuses.

For the defogger, turn ignition on and use a test lamp to ground the Green/Black wire (terminal 22 of SECU) and test if battery voltage is avaiable at the defogger fuses. If yes, the SECU is not grounding the realy and could be the cause.

Oct 3, 2010.

The smart control unit is new, unfortunately I have replaced the entire dash, is there another way to check to see if there is a problem with the grounding issue? Would there be a way to check from the engine compartment as I think this is where the issue began (My husband power washed the engine and then we had to replace the mass air flow unit)

Oct 3, 2010.
That is not the ground circuit I meant. The SECU would be notified and provide the grounding for circuits.

We could try checking for power supply first.

Do you have the location # or fuse number that do not have power?

At igniton switch, check the Red/Green wire for battery voltage when turned to ON.

Check Fuse " I " ( 45 A ) in underhood Fuse & Fusible link box.

Oct 4, 2010.