2000 Nissan Primera

Engine Performance problem
2000 Nissan Primera 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 50000 miles

hi I have this can here and engine light is coming on I have replaced the crank shaft sensors before and the problem still there. The car jerks from time to time while driving, also the rev meter jumps the transmission is a CVT type
March 17, 2009.

Ok first off you need to get the car scanned so we can see what the is telling us as to why the engine light it on. So call around to your local parts stores and find one that will do a free scan and get it scanned. Now make sure to write down the codes it comes back with they will be like P----. Then once you have the codes writen down have them clear the codes and get back to me with what the codes are and we will go from there.

Mar 20, 2009.
Hi luxe,

Thank you for the donation.

Do you have the Diagnostic Trouble Code for the Check Engine Light showing?

Does the jerking occurs the same time as the rpm jump?

Mar 20, 2009.
Hi all yes I had the car scan before and at first when the light came on it was saying solenoid valve bad a I replaced that then it started saying Crankshaft Position Sensor I replaced that and had it rescanned but it still reading it as bad. Also about the rev meter jumping it kinder jumps kinder how the needle jumps what I have to do is speed up and it stop jerks, mostly it happend when am going slow. Transmission oil was changed engine oil was changed I dont kno what else to do

Mar 20, 2009.
Hi Luxe,

If the scan is still showing a bad Crankshaft Position Sensor after replacement, it could be a loose connection or the sensor thet you replaced is bad. Such sensors are known to fail out of the box.

As to the jerking and rpm jump, seems the CVT is missing a beat and did this happened before the solenoid and/or fluid replacement?

I would like to know the exact trouble codes to be able to do some research on the problem. However data on the CVT seems limited so might need some time to get any results.

Mar 20, 2009.