1996 Nissan Patrol/Safari

Electrical problem
1996 Nissan Patrol/Safari 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 111500 miles


I have a nissan patrol KingsRoad edition 1996, Im facing many problems nowadays,


- Engine hesitates to open sometimes and sometimes it doesn't open. I have to try 2 or 3 times.

- Sometimes when I drive and press hard the car just moves really fast, but sometimes I press it to almost the end, the car moves very slow.

- Car works fine when the AC is on, When I use the car for like 1 hour then I press the brakes or slow down and stop, the RPM gets really low and switches the engine off by itself.

- The cars shakes very often.

- Thermometer is always on C and when I drive, it gets like maximum 1 CM above the C. Usually cars have it stable on the middle.

I took the car to Nissan workshop, they told me that these problem can be solved by changing or repairing the following:

- IAA Unit.
- Valve ASSY-AAC
- UNIT control
- Harness Enigine
- Harness Chassis
- Relay
- Device ASSY-TRA
- Hosetube - P/STG
- Fan with motor.

Price: $5000

Please advise me.

and please tell me if they are ripping me off.

June 12, 2009.

Hi Bassel,

Thank you for the donation.

Did they diagnose the problem and provide the recommendations? I don't see the reason for replacing the engine and chassis harness.

Some of the items listed might just require some cleaning and they should work well.

I would suggest getting a second opinion.

Jun 13, 2009.

What is the Harness engine and what does it do?

Thanks : )

Jun 13, 2009.
Engine harness is the whole bunch of wire for the engine.

What they are telling you is to replace almost all the wire of the system.

Jun 13, 2009.

Thanks for replying,

but do these cost $1000?

And please do let me know if its better to repair it in a garage or just let the Nissan workshop do the work?

And please tell me if $4500 is too much for repairing anf replacing all mention parts.


Jun 13, 2009.
$4500 is rather high for the problems you mentioned. I would suggest getting a second opinion or even a third one if it warrants.

Just tell them you have such problems and let them provide you with a quote for the job and what needs to be done.

Parts price varies from place to place and it is good to get different quotes as it involves a rather large amount of $.

If you get the harness, it could cost $1000 but if any section is faulty, which seldom requires replacement of the harness assy, a repir might cost you less than $200.

Jun 13, 2009.

Thanks again for your reply,

They gave me a quoted report, the things I told you in the first message are these they told me to change.

Range $4500

what do u think about the car temprature is it normal?


Jun 14, 2009.
No, the temp reading is too low and it could possibly be due to a faulty sending unit or thermostat.

If you send it to an independent repair shop I believe you would get a better deal based on what was quoted.

Jun 15, 2009.