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I would like to know if it is possible to fit tyres that are 175's to a Nissan Pulsar 91 that is 165. There seems to enough room and the holes seem to match. I have these tyres from an older Toyota Carolla and have a full set, So is it possible to fit the full set without any problems?

October 5, 2008.

If you are just taking the tires to fit your Nissan rims, then yes. If you are thinking of installing the tire+rim from the Corolla to the Pulsar, probably not. They do have the same bolt pattern 4 x 100, but the Pulsar has a bigger center cap to fit the axle nut, whereas the Corolla has a smaller center cap hole, if I remember correctly.

But my knowledge is limited to vehicles sold in the US.

Oct 11, 2008.